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Promotional T-Shirts

It’s the flexibility and variety that makes promotional t-shirts a great promotional product. With so many ways to wear your brand, and so many people to wear it for you, set your brand to work with style!

Why Promotional T-Shirts And Clothing?

Making t-shirts and clothing your promotional product of choice makes sense in a whole host of ways:

Business Building: It’s not just the promotional clothing worn by your guests, visitors and customers. The clothing worn by your team can be just as vital in building a joined-up, consistent brand. We’ll help you find the clothing that’s practical and powerful.

Awareness Driving: Match your business to promotional t-shirts and clothing and your customers will take your brand with them wherever they go - and that means your promotional hats, jackets, tees and more could be seen by a huge audience.

Profit Making: From theme parks to schools to gyms, when you place your brand on clothing people want to buy, you achieve the holy grail of marketing: promotional products people pay you to wear.

Make Clothing Your Promotional Merchandise For…

Teamwork? A team doesn’t look like a team until it’s wearing branded clothing. From jackets and tees to fleeces and hats, give your team an identity by placing your brand on the clothes they wear. 

Catering? Aprons and Tabards keep the branding practical yet powerful.

Tourist attractions? From promotional hats to rain capes, make sure your visitors take your brand with them - wherever they go.

Construction? Hi-viz workwear is designed to be seen. So where better to add your business’ logo?

Children? From aprons and armbands to hi-viz vests, keep the children in your care safe while building your school, nursery or play centre’s brand.

The Fylde Promotional Merchandise Difference

We’ve ears of experience in giving promotional products the extra design clout they need to do their jobs. From colours to logos to the finest fabric qualities, we’ll ensure your promotional t-shirts and branded clothing is the perfect match for your brand. We’ll even give you 30 minutes’ FREE studio time.

Ordering your promotional products is fast and simple. Make a start by contacting us now or call us on 0330 043 18 08.

Creative Merchandise. Your Brand is our Business.