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Construction And Building Promotional Merchandise

In the world of construction and building, craftsmanship and strength are everything. What better way to emphasise these crucial elements than with high-quality, branded promotional merchandise that is versatile enough for any occasion!

Promotional Merchandise To Reinforce And Expand Your Brand

It’s no longer speculation. Market research has shown that promotional merchandise brings huge returns on your investment. So whether your marketing budget is one thousand pounds or one million pounds, ignoring promotional products can immediately put you at a disadvantage to your competitors.

Promotional Gifts For The Construction And Building Sector

Employee Gifts: Everyone likes free stuff, none more so than employees, so what better way to build loyalty within your company than with functional, company branded promotional products that will get used and seen on a daily basis.

Trade Shows: When potential clients are walking through trade shows, they’re bombarded with endless sales pitches and business cards. By giving away unique promotional merchandise you’re maximising exposure and guaranteeing the customer will remember your company long after the trade show ends.

Advertising: It isn't enough to simply run commercials anymore. Marketing has to be 3D. By advertising your business on promotional items that people can touch and use, you're establishing your brand in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Charity: What could be better than giving to those in need? By donating useful, practical promotional items containing your company name and/or logo, you're not only associating your business with good will and generosity, but also establishing a strong bond within the community.

Customers: Repeat business is the greatest form of customer satisfaction. By using promotional merchandise to close deals, you’re reminding the customer why they chose you in the first place and distancing you from the competition.

Public Relations Events: Public relations events are a great metric for measuring a company's reputation and preserving brand image. Taking a proactive approach by giving away corporate gifts at these events can have a lasting impact on the audience.

The Fylde Promotional Merchandise Difference

It takes more than a promotional items retailer to deliver the best for your construction and housing business. It takes the creativity and experience to carefully balance message, product and cost. 

Fylde Promotional Merchandise’s design team have years of experience in designing promotional products for the construction and building sector. We’d love to do the same for you. We’ll even give you 30 minutes’ FREE studio time.

Ordering your promotional merchandise is fast and easy. Make a start by contacting us now or call us on 0330 034 18 08

Creative Merchandise. Your Brand is our Business.