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Dental Promotional Merchandise

A full day of patients doesn’t leave much room for marketing. So what marketing you do manage to do needs longevity as well as impact. Promotional merchandise is a powerful tool for the dental industry because, like fluoride, it keeps working in the background while you get on with something else.

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Marketing Fluoride For The Dental Health Care Industry 

Concentrate on the smiles. We’ll focus on keeping your dental business at the forefront of your customers’ and patients’ minds.

Give Your Promotional Marketing A Check Up

Is your marketing reaching all the parts it should? Or does it need a bit of a scale and polish? For those hard to reach areas, promotional merchandise delivers a powerful impact.

Promotional Products For The Dental Healthcare Industry 

The Dental Surgery: Building your clientele is about more than simply reminding them you’re there. Give them ways to keep your message - and business - in mind. From branded travel toothbrush sets and dental floss to the clever promotional tube squeezers that ensure they get every last drop of toothpaste out, put your brand on the promotional merchandise they’ll use.

The Dental Message: If you take your message of dental care out to schools, parent groups and community centres, give them the printed promotional toothbrushes, branded pens or personalised hand sanitises that will make your message last longer.

The New Dental Product: Every product’s fighting for attention. So being able to give something useful, practical and novel that keeps your product in the mind longer than the competition’s matters. Talk to us about ideas for promotional items when selling to dentists.

The Fylde Promotional Merchandise Difference

It takes more than a promotional product retailer to deliver the best for your dental business. It takes the creativity and experience to carefully balance message, product and cost. 

Fylde Promotional Merchandise’s design team have years of experience in designing corporate gifts for the dental industry. We’d love to do the same for you. We’ll even give you 30 minutes’ FREE studio time.

Ordering your promotional merchandise is swift and simple. Make a start by contacting us now or call us on 0330 043 18 08

Creative Merchandise. Your Brand is our Business.